Tonon Antheia 049.43
Tonon Antheia 049.43
Tonon Antheia 049.43
Tonon Antheia 049.43
Tonon Antheia 049.43
Tonon Antheia 049.43

Tonon Antheia 049.43 - 360°

4 to 6 weeks
€873.64 €919.62
The Tonon Antheia 049.43 is a seat created by Jacky Choi Design. The design armchair is perfection in every way. The excellent quality of the materials that it is made supplemented with the perfect quality of the finish.
Fabric Class
Color / Finish
  • 2A1 Beige
  • 2A2 Yellow
  • 2A3 Grey
  • 2A4 Grey
  • 2A5 Green
  • 2A6 Yellow
  • 2A7 Grey
  • 2A8 Blue
  • 2A9 Orange
  • 2B1 Grey
  • 2B2 Brown
  • 2B3 Red
  • 2B4 Blue
Tonon uitvoering

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Jackie Choi
Rotatable without memory return
Additional information
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Sales unit

Tonon is a design company in 1926, founded in Italy. They base themselves on research and expertise, cultural and marketing factors, new materials and technologies. Tonon creates pleasure in thinking about creating.

All products from Tonon have the ability to enhance interior decoration, even if the decor is romantic or classic rather than innovative or trendy. Their products are original, unique and timeless.

Lightandshade and Tonon have been partners for several years and assure you good service.

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Tonon Antheia 049.43 - 360°

Tonon Antheia 049.43 - 360°

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